The Dress Code for Revival at the Sawyer

kimpton sacramento revival at the sawyer bar

Dress to impress - FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY

Dress Code on Friday & Saturday After 7 pm
We recommend upscale fashionable attire. We do not allow flip flops, baseball and fitted hats, beanies, ripped or baggy clothing, sweatshirts, sports apparel, tank tops for men, hiking boots or athletic shoes like basketball or running shoes. Management reserves all rights of entry based on dress code etiquette. Collared shirts, fashionable dress shirts, dress shoes, jeans, and blazers are encouraged. Low-profile, neutral-colored, clean sneakers like Converse & Vans are allowed, provided they are complemented by dress code-appropriate clothing. Shorts are permitted during the summer season.

Game Nights Only
There is game night dress code where we allow Kings or visiting team branded sports apparel. Branded sports apparel and hoodies from brands like Nike are allowed. Sneakers are also allowed. Jerseys are allowed if worn with a shirt underneath. We do not allow sweatsuits or gym wear, shorts, flip flops, ripped or baggy clothing.

Concert Nights
The dress code is still upheld on concert nights.